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I created each of these tours to be an incredible experience that will open your eyes and forever change the way you view the past — and your own life as well. Each unforgettable tour adventure features amazing stories, detailed research and lots of laughs as you encounter fascinating characters of a bygone era, still eager to share their lives. On so many levels, you’ll never see history — or your life — in the same way again.

Each tour is an outstanding option for your get-togethers with friends and co-workers, entertaining  your guests, satisfying date nights and more. All the content of the tours is true, and based on extensive research from the Pembroke Observer, Bulletin and Standard, books, online sources and personal interviews. I’ve found the best stuff.  It is my belief that a GREAT walking tour must have fantastic buildings, amazing tales and solid research — but above all, outstanding storytelling. That is critical in having  you as my guests make a strong, personal connection with the people who lived here long ago. I’ve worked hard to find the great stories and craft them in such a way that the interesting aspects and suspense are maximized. I am a professional educator and writer, and each tour I give is a performance that I take pride in — one you will not forget. Hope to see you on the tours soon.

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What your support of the tour covers…thank you:

Here is what your admission ticket pays for, in case you are interested! Part of it goes to the government in the form of HST and income tax, off the top. The rest is divided into start-up costs and ongoing costs. Part of your admission covers my gas to get to tour site and back to my house. Part  covers my costume costs, shoes, trivia prizes, candles for lantern, shoulder bag for each tour. Your admission fee also covers the 200-300 hours of research, writing, tour route decision-making and memorization that I must do for EACH tour. Part of it covers the cost of several books, membership of the two local history research societies and attendance at presentations etc. for research. Part of it covers all the time it takes for me to create (for each tour) handouts for the end, brochures, tickets, posters, etc. Then there is the time and money to print all of these and slice tickets. Procuring, printing and laminating photographs for various tour stops is a time-consuming job and large expense. I have spent a lot of time doing website creation over the years. The time it takes me to post dates on community calendars, update the website and do Facebook tasks are also covered by your admission fee. There are many other time-consuming marketing tasks involved, including answering calls and emails. I must alert the police each season about the tours so that they are reminded of their existence, and go to the bank and get change to have for people when they buy their tickets. At the end of the season, I must do the HST paperwork, coin rolling, bank deposit etc. and write up summaries/thank you’s for the churches involved.  Twice, I have paid a sizable fee to join the Ottawa Valley Tourism Association for marketing. There is also the time I must take before each tour to  watch the weather, call folks who have booked to confirm, check my shoulder bag that all is in order, get into my costume and so on.

Sufficed to say, I have yet to break even on these tours. I never will. I give them because I believe this community should have fantastic history tours, because I LOVE HISTORY AND RESEARCH, and I enjoy sharing incredible tidbits and stories, and because I want to do my part to make our region a  rich and stimulating place to live and visit.  I am proud of these tours, and I thank you very, very much for your support.