PEMBROKE HISTORY TOURS-BOOKING and TOUR DATES (but no more tours in 2016!)


CONSIDER: Family, friends, visitors, co-workers, staff or any combination of these. The tour makes an outstanding date night and men as well as women love the tour. Men enjoy it because it’s outdoors, it’s active and it’s history.


– You can join a tour date (see Schedule below – no more tours in 2016!!) – CALL TO BOOK.

– You can book your own tour of 8 or more people (if you have 10 or more, you as the  organizer are thanked with free admission!) – CALL TO BOOK

– Lastly, if you have a small group, see prices in ‘COST’ section below, and CALL.

WHAT TO DO: Book your own tour or join another tour by calling to discuss (613-635-7281).  Later on, you will receive a call close to the tour date to confirm your booking. Tours may be postponed due to storms.

NOTE: Tours can be held during the day or the evening. Tours starting at 6:30 or 7 provide lots of atmosphere as the sun goes down, and longer tours such as Downtown Darkness and Pembroke Haunted History end in darkness.

‘Pembroke Haunted History Tours’ booked during the day on weekdays include an indoor  visit to the  Renfrew County Courthouse and its historic jail cells at the end of the tour.

Neither your guide nor her company are responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during Pembroke History tours. 

WHO: Like similar tours across the world, these tours are available only to adults and mature teens: the tour content is mature, and the stories have been crafted to provide a completely satisfying evening of grown-up entertainment and education – lots of suspense, lots of historic detail, lots of well-researched historic context – lots of adult fun!! Said another way, the tour is too long and too detailed for young teens and children, who get bored and distracted (I’ve tried, believe me!). However, if you have a mature teen with a keen interest in history whom you’d like to bring, please do! 


For tour dates, $12 (HST included) per person; cash only, paid just before the tour starts – thank you.  But you must call to book ahead of time.

For private tours, if you  have 8 or more people, it’s $12 per person. If you have more than 10, you as the organizer are thanked with free admission.

For small private tours: It is standard all over the world to have tiered admission for smaller groups. If you have fewer than eight, it’s $24 per person for 4 people, $20 per person for 5, $16 per person for 6, and $14 per person for 7.)  ‘Stories in Stone’ maximum about 15 people; for ‘Haunted History’ and ‘Downtown Darkness,’ maximum ~25.

Neither your guide nor her company are responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during Pembroke History Tours.

CALL TO BOOK NOW! 613-635-7281