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The story of Pembroke’s downtown is a truly amazing one, branded by fires, feats, triumph and tragedy

Come along on an unforgettable look at downtown Pembroke’s deep, dark past.

From its humble beginnings, its boom-time as the hub of a newly-created county, and its glorious highpoint as a national demonstrator of new and wondrous technology…to the challenges to its vibrancy, starting with a pivotal event that robbed the community of what should have been a glorious post-World War I era.

It is the story of  a man whom many believe is the most pivotal person in downtown Pembroke’s history…a person whose great love for Pembroke and bold decisions changed the course of this community’s history forever.


DURATION: About 100 minutes

WHERE: The tour begins at 188 Renfrew St. in front of the Catholic church (St. Columbkille Cathedral, silver-gray). Park along the street please, not in the church lot. Admission will be paid in the 10 minutes before the tour; cash only.

***Neither your guide nor her company are responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during Pembroke History tours. 

TO BOOK: You must call 613-635-7281. Tours can be postponed, dates changed, etc. – YOU MUST CALL TO BOOK!

The new ‘Downtown Darkness’ walking tour is an exciting brush up against the fascinating forces that have shaped downtown Pembroke since its beginning, working both for and against its development,” says tour creator and operator Treena Hein. “Downtown Darkness is all about immersing tour guests in the life of downtown Pembroke through all its lively eras.” Guests will learn what it was like to visit the stores, hotels, opera house, churches and more of times past, as they enjoy gripping tales and tidbits, incredible buildings and stunning photographs on each tour stop.

“It could be argued that the story of downtown Pembroke is the story of one man, a man whose choices and deep love for Pembroke significantly altered the course of downtown’s history,” Hein explains. “You will come away from this tour thoroughly entertained, amazed and forever changed. It is the aim of all the tours that you will never look at history – or your life – in the same way again.”

Included at the end of each 90-minute ‘Downtown Darkness’ tour is a thrilling visit inside Holy Trinity Anglican church, with its historic rood screen, stunning gothic details and much more. The content of all tours offered by ‘Pembroke History Tour Adventures’ is based on extensive research, and all tour guests go home with a fact sheet featuring additional tidbits and related resources for further exploration.

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Esther from Pembroke: “I enjoyed the tour. My guests from Nova Scotia enjoyed the tour and guide, whom they said had a charming personality and the costume was an added charm. It was informative and interesting. I would recommend it.”

From the Women’s Initiative Network of Renfrew County: “Dear Treena, Thanks for the wonderful tour! So many positive comments! ”

Tania from Pembroke: “Incredible. It’s fantastic to have a way to go back in time and see the streets of Pembroke through the different eras of history. I loved the stories. Every minute was great. Go on this tour!”